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Careers and Mentorships


Do you feel like you have a few areas missing from your formal massage education? Were there things that weren’t explained to your satisfaction? Are you just missing some techniques for specific muscles. Do you need some professional feedback on your treatments? Annemarie has been mentoring students and new graduates for many years now, with those that have participated voicing consistently how helpful the guidance has been. If you would like a bit of a touch-up on your skills get it touch. There is of course a small fee, but sessions are tailored to your needs; we can converse via email to establish exactly what these are, agree on the time necessary, and book you in! Please wear loose fitting clothing as a lot of techniques are faster learnt with clothes on that can be massaged through. We also offer room rental both casual and contract based should you wish to start building your own client base in a supportive and friendly environment.


We really are a micro-business and so there is no employment available, rather the opportunity to work in the clinic via a room rental agreement. Room rentals can actually lead to a much higher income should you be a hard worker. The costs charged at this clinic are amongst the lowest, and you aren't charged for being off sick or taking holiday (within reason) which is unheard of in the industry. Send us an email if you would like to work in a supportive and kind clinic with like-minded people. There are a whole range of options available depending on how you want to run your own business and depending on how independently you want to do it!

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