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Upper Back Massage

Anatomy of Movement Clinic: Sports and Remedial Massage in Potts Point

The Anatomy of Movement Clinic in Potts Point, just around the corner from Elizabeth Bay, has been created be be a place for all bodies to be welcomed. If you are seeking relief from muscular pain, to increase your mobility and/or increase efficiency in their movements to allow heightened performance in your chosen sport or activity then we are here for you.

All occupations carry with them repetitive movement or long-held postures and our muscles sometimes need some help in remembering that those are not the positions we are supposed to stay in (think tech-neck!). Here we hope to alleviate pain and improve general functionality through the use of Sports and Remedial Massage. Our intention is to teach you the tips and tricks also, to avoid a recurrence too soon.  As much as we want to provide you with another awesome massage, we want to give you the knowledge to be able to do the work yourself when needed. If coming from the surrounding suburbs of Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Rose Bay, Bondi and the CBD for massage, please see our "getting here" page for directions.

From time to time we offer specials. Should this interest you, follow us on Facebook and Instagram as this is where they are announced. See in you in the clinic!

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